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Mr. George Sikien Anak Sunow - Presentation of Tokio Marine Life Insurance policy Maturity cheques / Death claim cheques to clients.

Proudly presents Life Insurance policy maturity claim cheques / death claim cheques  to policy holders.

" A sheet of paper. A World of possibilities.Seeing beyond the obvious. "

 OMOIYARI  - " Seeing beyond the obvious ".

(Quoted from Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad)

Life Insurance policies contain a package of money to be delivered to you or your beneficiaries at a future date. Get yours from me today? (George Sikien Sunow)

Below are some pictures of the products in final actions by professional agent, George Sikien anak Sunow (MII-LUTC Fellow) ABS


Below : Presentation of Education Plan Maturity Claim cheque of RM52,390.85 to Mr James ak Nyuren at agent George Sikien's office on 22.09.2011.James receives it on behalf of his son ( the Life Assured ) Percival Jordan who is in Labuan taking Matriculation Studies. 


Above : Young Jasmine Bulan Radin receives a Tokio Marine Life Insurance maturity claim cheque of her elder sister, Michelle Ruran Radin from agent George Sikien ak Sunow in Miri on 20 Sept 2011. The pic was taken by the mother, Mdm Sara Amat.



Above : Mr Dominic Lusat Sagan receives a Tokio Marine Education Life Insurance maturity claim cheque of his daughter from agent Geeorge Sikien ak Sunow. 



Below : 1) Mr Sajem anak Lakom receives Education Policy Maturity Claim Cheque on behalf of his eldest son.

2) Tuan Haji Abdul Sani Bin Bujang receives Education Policy Maturity Claim Cheque.

3) Mr Matin anak Ranyah receives on behalf of his daughter, Gladys an Education Policy Maturity Claim Cheque. 

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The Profile of the Financial Products & Services available.

George Sikien anak Sunow (Agent,MII-LUTCFellow,AFPAM,CLPM-NAMLIFA,ABS 2008)

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             Handphone no: (+6) 019-8844237


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Facebook Address: george sikien sunow 

My Credentials: Life Insurance agent since Nov 1991. General Insurance agent since 1995. Unit Trust / Mutual Fund agent since 2000.

  • Malaysia Insurance Institute-Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow USA 1995.
  • Associate Financial Planning Association Malaysia.
  • Certified Life Practioner & Marketeer.
  • Member-National Association Malaysian Life Insurance & Financial Advisor.
  • Ahli Bintang Sarawak 2008.(Member of the Stars of Sarawak) awarded by H.E the Governor of the state of Sarawak Borneo.


George Sikien Financial Service Agency,

c/o Francis Sirai & Associates,

Lot 1084, 2nd Floor,Jalan Merpati,

98000, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

H/P: (+6) 019-8844237. Tel: (+6) 085 427782 (Office)


Authorized Agent / Distribution Channel for:
1. Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad
     (For Life Insurance products, Investment-linked life insurance,
       i-Health Cashless Medical Card & services)  
2. Kenanga Investors Berhad 
    (For Unit Trust Investment Distribution & services)
3. Uni Asia General Insurance Berhad
    (For General Insurance products & services) 
4. Income Tax Advisory. (Money saved through correct knowledge of your income tax        relief 
    and proper filing of income tax return). 
    Help can be obtained from Cecelia Juyen Nojiew. HP No: (+6) 019 8849694 
5. Tupperware Household products.(World class quality, durable, healthy/safe, attractive,        affordable and evergreen household plastic containers of every sorts. For appointment or to view & place order contact : Cecelia Juyen Nojiew. HP No: (+6) 019 8849694
6. Introducer for New or used imported Japanese cars from Albert Lim Motor Miri. OR any types of cars of your choice.
7. Real Estate (Houses & Land for sale) Introducer. If you have difficulty in selling your house or land please let me do it for you.
George Sikien Financial Service Agency is managing in excess of 150 Life Insurance clients as in Oct 2012. Ever since he joined the Life Insurance business in Nov 1991 I have delivered 30 maturity claim cheques, 3 death claim cheques, numerous hospitalization claim cheques and some surrender claim cheques through out Malaysia. In 2014 I have delivered 6 Education Policy Maturity Claim Cheques and handled 1 Colon Cancer case. 

Create an Immediate Financial Estate NOW. Write the most beautiful LOVE LETTER  NOW to your spouse & Children. If you are still single, to your Parents. This is to prove that you CARE for their financial well being whether you are around or not around with them.

  • Protection against financial losses resulting from premature death, total permanent disability and dread diseases.
  • Wealth accumulation via our i-wealth Investment-linked life insurance
  • Education via our i-education Investment-linked life insurance policy
  • Retirement.
  • i-Health Medical Insurance card (IMPROVED product.Cashless card features. Suitable for adults & young children).
  • Hospitalisation Insurance Policy (Suitable for adults & young children).
  • Dread diseases/Cancer Shield Insurance Policy (NEW product for adults only) .
  • Personal Accident (To cover bodily injury from violent & external means).
  • Travellers insurance (To overseas destinations for leisure or business)


Do you remember this song "If tomorrow never come" by Ronan Keating?

This is a Life Insurance song. It helps to evoke in you the need for a Life Insurance Policy to cover yourself against FINANCIAL LOSS resulting from:

~ Dying too early / Premature death / Untimely death.

~ Dying too late.

~ Suffering from TPD (Total Permanent Disability) resulting from e.g a severe accident.

~ Suffering from Dread Disease e.g Cancer, Stroke etc.


Some Criteria required of you before you can buy a life Insurance Policy:

  • NEEDS & WANTS - Go through your needs & wants with the agent. I can guide you through to discover your priority.
  • INSURABILITY'S - Are you physically fit & healthy?
  • URGENCY - Buy NOW, don't wait.
  • MONEY - How much Insurance coverage do you need and how much can you comfortably set aside for the premium payment?
  • MODE & METHOD of Payment - Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly (by Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Bank Auto debit) .

Monthly salary deduction through BIRO PERHIDMATAN ANGKASA for Government/Civil servant. (Very Convenient)

Monthly Auto debit by PUBLIC BANK BHD, Auto debit by BSN GIRO, RHB Bank Autodebit, CIMB Bank standing instruction, Maybank Autodebit.

Standing Instruction by the bank from where you draw your salary / income .

 Income Tax Relief:

  • RM6000 maximum a year per taxpayer for your EPF contribution & Life Insurance Premium paid on your life.
  • RM3000 maximum a year per taxpayer for premium paid for the Children Education Policies.
  • Additional RM3000 annual Income tax relief if you invest your money into our Kenanga OnePRS Growth Fund, Moderate Fund and Conservative Fund. PRS means "Personal Retirement Saving" set up by Msian Gov't to boost saving habits of the middle income/low income group.

Visit the co. Miri Branch Office at:

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad,

Lot 840, Jalan Merpati,98000, Miri,Sarawak.

Tel: 085-423152, 085-420448.

Branch Manager: Miss Vivian Jee.


George Sikien Financial Service Agency is managing an (A.U.M) Asset under management in excess of RM19,000,000 as in May 2014.

  1. Kenanga Premier Fund   - This is an Income & Growth fund. Launched on 26.11.1996. Fund size is 1 billion units. Annual dividend is normally declared. 
  2. Kenanga Balanced Fund - This is an Income & Growth fund. Launched 23.05.2001. Fund size is 500 million units. Annual dividend is normally declared.
  3. Kenanga Islamic Fund - This is an Income & Growth funf. Launched on 15.08.2002. Fund size is 500 million units. Annual dividend is normally declared.
  4. Kenanga Bond Fund - A place to park your money for a while or for a lont time. No parking fee involved. It has minimum growth characteristic only. Launched on 15.08.2002. Fund size is 500 million units.
  5. Kenanga Islamic Balanced Fund - This is an Income & Growth fund. Launched on 06.12.2004. Fund size is 200 million units. Annual dividend is normally declared.
  6. Kenanga Asia Pacific Oriental Fund - Growth fund only. Launched on 24.08.2006. Fund size is 300 million units.
  7. Kenanga Malaysian Inc. Fund - Growth fund only.Launched on 09.11.2007. Fund size is 400 million units.
  8. Kenanga Money Market Fund - A place to park your money. No parking fee involved. It has minimum growth characteristic only. Launched on 09.11.2007. Fund size is 200 million units.
  9. Kenanga Islamic Money Market Fund - A place to park your money. I has a minimum growth characteristic only. No parking fee involved. Launched on 09.11.2007. Fund size is 200 million units.
  10. Kenanga Growth Fund.  ( Flagship fund / Leader ) Split units of 1:2 was declared and credited on 31.05.2012. A 6 sen nett per unit of dividend was paid on 28.05.2014.
  11. Kenanga Syariah Growth Fund  ( Flagship Fund / Leader ) Split units of 1:2 was declared and credited on 31.05.2012. A 7.5 sen nett per unit of dividend was paid on 28.05.2014.

  • Minimum start up sum to invest is RM1000 in any fund.
  • You can use CASH to invest. To be deposited into KIB A/C in:  1) Public Bank Bhd, A/C No. 312 581 611 8. 2) Maybank Bhd A/C No. 514 011 010 413. 3) SCB Bank A/C No. 312 143 587 267.
  • Using money from your EPF account 1. Go to EPF office & Counter to check the amount to invest and when you can invest.Frequency of investing is after every three months provided you have sufficient fund in account 1.(Term & Conditions apply ).
  • Remember to invest for LONG TERM i.e at least 5 years and above inorder to realise the substantial yield.

Buy when the fund prices are LOW and sell when the prices are HIGH. Or just go for Dollar-Cost-Averaging method, i.e continue to invest whether the prices are up or down. At the end of the day when you average it out you tend to gain substantially.

Happy Investing.

Unit Trust Co. Office Address:

Kenanga Investors Berhad

1st Floor, No 71, Lot 10900, Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

(Next to Bank Islam/Hong Leong Bank or opposite Borneo Medical Centre)

Regional Manager : Jasmine Tan (Tel no: +6 082-572227)

Admin Clerk : Joyce Wong (Tel no. +6 082 450260) 

Business Development Manager based in Miri : Mr Ronan Tang Chong Ing

HP: +6 016 8796398 


  • Motor Insurances and renewal of Road Tax.
  • Motorist Companion Insurance ( for Drivers and passengers ).
  • Personal Accident Insurance.
  • Medical Insurance ( Cashless Medical Card features ).
  • Traveller Insurance ( for local & foreign going travellers by land,sea & air ).
  • Motor vehicle Inspection at PUSPAKOM ( appointment required ).
  • Fire Insurance for Private dwelling ( Residential Homes ) or Office Building, Factory Building, Warehouses Building.
  • Fire, Theft & Burlgarly Insurance.
  • Homeowners & Householders Insurance ( For Residential Homes & Offices ).
  • Marine Cargo Insurance.
  • Office Equipment, Machinery, Contractor All Risks Insurance.
  • Golfers General Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (for Law practioners, Medical practioners)

Miri Branch Office at:

UniAsia General Insurance Bhd,

Lot 1057, Phase 2, Bintang Jaya Commercial Centre,

Jalan Miri-Pujut, 98000, Miri, Sarawak.

Tel: 085-419795.

Sales of New, Imported Reconditioned and Used Cars from :

Albert Lim Motor Sdn Bhd,

No. 12, SEDC Piasau Industrial Estate,

Jalan Piasau,98000,Miri,Sarawak.

Websites:   and

Happy Motoring.


 Listen to this song.It emotes the need & desire for adequate life insurance coverage. "Ronan Keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes" keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes.mp3

Presentation of Education Life Insurance maturity claim cheque to Miss Vanessa Aren ak Anselm. Mr Anselm bought the education insurance policy 15 years ago. It's a TOKIO MARINE LIFE INSURANCE MALAYSIA BERHAD insurance policy. Picture is taken by Mr Anselm ak Diye. Amount is RM.....................

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My close friend and a loyal life insurance client Haji Abdul Sani Bin Bujang receives a fat cheque for his son, Abdul Muim's education policy maturity cheque. Abdul Muim is now in university pursuing his dream degree. 

The 18 years term Juvenile Endowment Assurance Policy was bought on 28.11.1994 and it has come to fruition today 28.11.2012. Congratulation for the saving effort, you have achieved your financial goal and your son in on the way to acquiring a good education.  

Job well done for yourself and your son my friend. I am always around to be of useful service to you, family members and friends for all your insurance/investment needs. 

Mr. Lises ak Awet receives a fat Maturity Claim Cheque on behalf of his college-going son Baxter on 25.12.2012.

Today is Christmas day the 25.12.2012. Location: George Sikien Sunow's residence at Kpg Stenggang Bau.

While doing his round of Christmas visiting Mr. Lises ak Awet (from Kpg Rasau 2 Bau-Lundu road) is presented with a financial "Christmas gift". The 18 year-term Endowment Education Policy he bought for his eldest son/child, Baxter while working in Miri actually matures on the 14 Dec 2012. 

Congratulation to both the young gentleman Baxter & his proud/hard working parents for the job well done. For the love of & desire for your tertiary education your father has planned to save money for you 18 years ago via the financial instrument of an "Education Life Insurance Policy". 

Dedicate yourself to your study young Baxter, till you graduate with very commendable grade. Looking forward to your bright future in this world.

From Uncle George Sikien Sunow

(Insurance & Unit Trust Agent/Sales & Service Agent) HP: 019-8844237





Daiana Luna Suip receives a fat Tokio Marine Life Insurance Maturity Claim Cheque for her daughter Nathalie Spaeid ak Akie in Bintulu on 23 Feb 2013.

Activity in Bintulu city on 23 Feb 2013. Delivering my final financial product to client.

Delivering  a fat Education Endowment Maturity Claim Cheque to Mdm Daiana Luna Suip ( a senior officer of Bintulu Port) at her home in Bintulu. This money is for her daughter, Nathalie's tertiary education. Nathalie is a first year undergraduate student at UiTM Kuching reading Accountancy. She aspires to be a qualified accountant like her mother. 

The policy was bought by Daiana 20 years ago with the knowledge and vision that the cost of tertiary education would be expensive. Through hard work and dedication the fruit of their labour has come to a fruition. Congratulation to both mother and daughter. You have succeeded in your effort to eradicate poverty my friends.

Study well young lady so that one day you will emerge a champion in your chosen field of studies and that will guarantee you a promising future. May GOD bless all your works.